Can CoWorking Spaces Remove the Struggles Associated with Remote Working?

Can CoWorking Spaces Remove the Struggles Associated with Remote Working?

Posted By admin |27 Jan 2021

We have all by now been made aware of the many benefits associated with remote working; the flexibility of time, reduced commute and increased control of personal and professional lives and careers. But we do not like to talk about the challenges that are being faced when working remotely, many have been outlined in the surveys that have been undertaken through the Covid ‘work from home’ journey, results are showing crisis in loneliness, decreased motivation and strain associated with the inability to unplug from a day's work while we are trapped within the four walls of our home. 

As the number of independent workers are on the rise, so is the number of coworking spaces. Businesses that previously hesitated to introduce remote working into the organisation are now opting to spread their workforce across digital hubs and coworking spaces in an attempt to reduce their team’s feeling of isolation, lack of motivation and the daily struggle of technology difficulties that come hand in hand with working from home. Coworking spaces provide excellent business and technological infrastructure, strong networking opportunities through social interactions with community support and exposure to an extensive circle of innovative professionals and companies.

Remote working has made this face to face connectivity nearly impossible, team members no longer have the daily engagement and stimulation from the quick dabble over a cup of coffee or the spontaneous visit over to your neighbour’s desk. 

Internal social networks will be a vital feature for the future of work, with the collective goal to aid collaborative working and improve the accessibility of organisational information in a quick and responsive manner.  

Corporate culture is an important part of any organisation, encouraging employees to engage with one another and develop a sense of team spirit. Not only does this help improve workplace relationships but can also have a huge impact on employees efficiency. Internal social networks or formerly known as ‘intranets’ are becoming more and more popular amongst corporations,realising the need to connect employees and provide as many opportunities to ideate together. This network has long been used by experienced professionals to align their people management strategies like mentor new hires, across the board access to important information and corporate inclusion. 

Coworking spaces have been working hard to arm their members with endless networking prospects, the mantra of any hub is to continuously source the best collaborative experience for their space users. At the centre of each space is a carefully curated atmosphere that is unique to each space, coworkers learn to share the same core values of connection, openness, community, accessibility and sustainability; leading to benefits like motivation and engagement. This is all done through the internal social networking sites which Baseworx’s coworking management software provides. 

Group membership is an important part of the coworking concept. Whether individuals classify themselves as a member of the global coworking community group or as a member of their specific workspace group, being part of a group increases people's social support system as members begin to nurture their newly found relationships.

The idea that simply going to work can improve your social network sounds far fetched but the reality is that coworkers establish acquaintances and friendships in their coworking spaces and often can create synergies between their businesses and so instead of competing against one another, they can encourage and drive each other to achieve more. Proper management of a coworking space is essential for successful collaborations and ensures members do not “waste energy” in an attempt to seek out social connections and pursue professional advice. Baseworx can make communication the forefront of any coworking space from something as simple as notifying reception or discussing a project with a potential partner and means members can connect with others in seconds. 

With Baseworx, community is an integral part of the coworking experience and so the Baseworx social network is there to heighten the sense of community within a coworking space, to ease professional isolation and make the life of the coworking member as easy and social as possible.

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