Creating Community with Coworking

Creating Community with Coworking

Posted By admin |01 Oct 2021

Community has played a key role in people navigating through the pandemic. Whether that's the house, street, region, country and especially the workplace someone is in, we are all relying on the effort and support of the collective to see us through. There is power and empowerment to be found in a community, as well as it bringing a sense of stability. It's reliable regardless of external changes.  

It's also a reason people stay around. Community is a type of glue that brings people together, and these connections stick. It's a lot easier to stay in a job with a great work environment with even better people than one that doesn't have these. And great relationships as well as feeling part of something bigger play a massive role in people's sense of belonging and purpose in their workplace. 

The pandemic has caused mass fragmentation of workplaces and work processes. People have been displaced from their usual offices to homemade ones. Sudden and forced, these changes came without warning or a cooling-off period. The threads keeping people together are shared experience, community and technology. Now, as we enter a new stage, people seek flexibility in their job and a better work-life balance. Many are gravitating to different locations by choice. Some people will never return to the pre-pandemic office, so how do we mend the gap and ensure people stay connected? 

The answer is with coworking. It provides people with a community regardless of where their company's HQ is or, indeed, their work colleagues. Being part of a new kind of shared experience, where people want to be where they are, share knowledge and ideas, are connected online and offline, solve problems and have professional support separate from their office, is a great place to start. Their coworking colleagues become friends as there is no risk of competition or internal politics. Instead, this leads to a more collaborative way of working and a healthier work environment. A coworking space facilitates networking, forming connections and building community.   

Not only is it a win for all the coworking members, but it's also a win for the coworking space owner. How do you achieve this? Be the leader in creating a community for your members. This is part of your job now, especially since the pandemic and long stints of isolation for many people. We all have a responsibility to put ourselves and the world back together. However, you can achieve this without the spadework. 

For example, we created BaseWorx to simplify managing your coworking spaces but also to form communities and opportunities. By bringing your members online through our digital platform, they will come together offline. Sure, people will always come and go; it's the nature of a coworking space. But it's sustainability you want in any business, especially this one. There is an opportunity to hold onto more people for longer, with larger corporations allowing more flexibility in their employees' work and supporting their work-life balance. Creating a community is a key way to sustain your business.