BaseWorx Frees Up Management Time of Creative Spark Dundalk

Busy Co-Working Space Frees Up Time by Centralizing & Automating Bookings, Payments, Website Updates, Occupant Data, Course Promotions & More!

Niamh Gregory, Creative Spark Dundalk

Creative Spark is a centre for creativity and innovation that provides dedicated creative training and workspace facilities for enterprises in County Louth.

Problems before centralization
  • Receptionist busy with bookings, payments & other repetitive tasks

  • Staff working off 5 programs, all with different processes

  • Staff wasting time on tedious tasks

  • Poor marketing visibility in the community

  • WordPress website too complicated & time-consuming to update

  • Too many different moving parts across 22 office spaces

Outcomes after implementing Baseworx
  • Centralized everything into one simple platform for managing events/exhibitions, the print studio, newsletter subscriptions, training sessions, contact information, calendars & more

  • Improved visibility on Google with lots of traffic from the blog

  • Disseminating information to occupants became a lot easier (e.g., training room updates)

  • Quick website updates

  • Easy promotion of courses, events, and fundraising

We’re very busy, and BaseWorx makes our day-to-day life a lot easier. They centralize an awful lot into one platform!”

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