Your Multi-Space Management Solution

The Multi-Hub is for our customers with more than one space to manage. It contains all the features of the single-space management platform plus a range of high-quality additions to ensure ultimate alignment across all your hubs. From booking, billing and payments to membership management and connecting your community, it's all here. As your business grows, we grow with you. Our platform will always respond to the needs of your expansion.


Individualised Hubs

Bringing your spaces together for better management does not mean they will lose their independence. Each hub can have its individual portal, blogs and events as well as receive payments into separate accounts. They can even have separate communication channels within the members portal using our instant messaging service. 

Master Network

All the features of our platform are contained in your complete Multi-Hub HQ. No matter where you are, you can log in and see the status of any of your hubs at any time. Managers of individual spaces can have access and oversee their hubs while you have oversight across them all. This ensures you can get the insight you need and allows for early intervention if one of your spaces needs support.

It's all the operations under the one digital umbrella.

The Ultimate Community

The Multi-Hub takes creating a community to the next level. As well as the individual communication channels that can be inspired by anything from space location, interest or profession, this allows for cross hub communication. This means everyone from all of your spaces can come together digitally. More networking means more opportunities and long-lasting communities.

The Multi-Hub optimises communication and creates the ultimate community.

Manage Multiple Spaces from Anywhere

The Multi-Hub management solution is for clients with more than one coworking space. We can cater for an unlimited amount anywhere in the world. Individual hubs can retain independence in terms of communication channels and events, while the master network feature is like the HQ to oversee all spaces. All the hubs can connect through the platform, creating the ultimate coworking space community.

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